A Simple Day App


OUR MISSION: To make the everyday more manageable.

A simple, user friendly app that optimizes independence of persons affected with conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, or autism, by detailing and organizing their individualized set of daily tasks and activities. 


~ 20% of profits committed to funding for a cure of Alzheimers and Autism~

Why We Do What We Do


Having experienced the needs of  both a father with Alzheimer’s and children with special needs,  I was able to see several similar areas that would benefit from a simplified means of managing and organizing a day.

My goal is to help maintain and even increase independence for the user, improve  communications among key  support people, and provide a sense of security that anyone, anywhere in the world can provide guidance and support to their loved one.

~This app was made for my dad to help keep him independent by giving him one device that can answer his questions and simplify his everyday tasks.

~This app was made for all caregivers and family who worry that a loved one is not getting all the support they need, but can’t be there to oversee it all.

~This app was made for my mom, as the primary caregiver, to have the freedom to show the app to another caregiver and know everything is there if they were to have any questions.

~This app was made for people who need paraprofessional support at school or home to support them in their independence and allow a means for teachers, parents and educational aides to communicate freely, securely and discretely with each other.

~This app was made for all people that struggle with remembering tasks, times, or how to navigate several apps on their phones to get done what they want to do.

~This app was made to help fund for cures for Alzheimer’s and Autism.

The Alzheimer's inspiration

In 2014, after 2 years of watching my father’s forgetfulness become more pronounced, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It was just after his 70th birthday. Over the next 3 years, we witnessed first hand the devastating effects this disease had on our father and the rest of our family. As my dad progressed in the disease we needed the whole family to manage doctor information, appointments, caregivers, insurance needs, daily assistance and visits. We were lucky to have so many of us to help. Even still, it was a jumble of passing information along to each other, writing sticky notes for my dad to remember simple things, redundantly walking him through routine activities, having him overtake medication, and  needing to explain to each substitute home health aid the routine yet once again. This app was designed to help elevate these problems and keep my dad as independent as possible, as long as possible.


20% of all profits are committed to funding for a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease.

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