– You understand that all information stored by the owner/sponsor(s) is visible to authorized users on the account and any person(s) a user / sponsor / owner makes privy to inputed information. A Simple Day App is not in control of the sharing of your inputed information to private individuals / organizations and is therefore not held liable for any information, private or otherwise, that is released by any user/sponsor/owner on the account.

– A Simple Day will not share any inputed information or data entered into an account with any 3rd party for any reason.

– The owner of the account gives access to A Simple Day app access to user/sponsor(s) information, including names and email, when modification or invitations to join the account are requested by the owner.

– After the first 30 day trial period, a subscription to continue use of A Simple Day app is required and will be billed from Apple on a monthly basis at $9.99/month. This monthly fee includes the owner, the user and up to 9 additional sponsors.

All accuracy and maintenance of information displayed within the app is the sole responsibility of the account owner and sponsor(s). A Simple Day app is not held liable or responsible, in any form, for any information including photos and textual input, that is supplied or utilized within each individual account and between users on the account.