Helper Section

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Schedule: allows a place for unlimited and unique reminders to assist the user with everyday tasks or special events. Push notifications should be allowed on the user’s phone to receive banner and sound reminders.

*Include photos images with reminders when possible. Actual photos of user’s items or events is most beneficial. 

*Set alert notifications on only the most important reminders (e.g. take pills/remember to turn in your work) to not overwhelm the user. Notifications will only appear on the user’s device and not that of a sponsor or owner.

Contacts: provides one easy location for users to call, text or email others. Only the options entered will be displayed as choices for the user. The number of contacts is not limited.

*Use actual photos of all contacts for quick reference by the user. Include descriptions of the user with their name and photo if needed. (e.g. Heather- neighbor) 

Internet: displays one simplified location for users to tap and be diverted to an unlimited amount of favorite and approved websites. 

*Describe the site instead of calling it by name. (e.g. play a math game or search for information)

*Use a screenshot or stock photo besides site’s description.

*Provide websites that stimulate brain activity to maintain/increase memory function

About Me: shows pertinent information to aid recollection of the everyday life of the user and/or as an easy resource in times of emergency for all person’s on the account.

* Include basics like address, phone number, birthdate. Add in important people, such as doctors and teachers, and pets or familiar places. 

*Consider adding in health history, exact medications with dosage information and insurance coverage. (Very helpful in times of emergency)

*Include actual and specific photos for all items including insurance cards and medication (e.g. two pills that are blue ovals besides prescription information) if deemed appropriate.

Helper: declutters and simplifies detailed, step-by-step instructions of activities in everyday life. (e.g. program the DVR, set the house alarm)

* You will be prompted after initially naming, adding a photo and saving the helper activity to provide a number of steps the operation takes. Be as specific as possible with photos for each step as each user’s appliance, home, grooming preparation etc. is unique. Tailor the task to your user. The amount of steps can be edited if you find you need more/less steps later. 

Turn on Microwave

1) Click on large, bottom button to open the door

2) Close securely to work.

3) Push the button that says Quick Time

4) Push number 3 for popcorn.

          …..You get the idea.

Sponsor Notes: furnishes and maintains a discreet area where various sponsors can communicate with each other that is not visible on the user’s device. 

*This is a great area to let sponsors/owner know if the user needs special assistance on a particular day, medication has changed, moods and/or health has improved or deteriorated. 

*Great for noting information to document the user’s emotional, physical or mental well being over time. 


Health Aid to Owner of the Account,“Russ seemed more confused today than yesterday. Needed several more reminders than usual”

Owner to a caregiver, “ My dad is on a new medication today. He may need explanation about the new pill. Please remind him that it is for his blood pressure and if he gets concerned, please have him call me.”

Teacher to parent, “Ann forgot her homework today which caused her to become frustrated when she couldn’t follow along. We did deep breaths to calm down.”